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Murder, often referred to as homicide, is the unlawful killing of another person. Under Florida statutes, murder is a capital offense, which means you could face life in prison or be sentenced to death.

The team at Farkas & Crowley has years of murder case defense. As former prosecutors, we know the methods used to charge a person with homicide and we will aggressively protect you from unnecessary penalties. If you are innocent, we will work hard to prove your claim.

Understanding the Different Types of Murder Charges

In Florida, a person can face different types of murder charges. Each is based on the circumstances of the crime. Some charges can include:

  • First Degree Murder – This is when the killing is premeditated or it is in the act of another crime, also referred to as felony murder.
  • Second Degree Murder – This is when the murder was not intentional nor was it premeditated.
  • Third Degree Murder – This is when someone is killed, but it was unintentional and while the offender was in the middle of another crime.
  • Attempted Felony Murder – This is when someone attempts to commit a crime and a person is seriously injured during that crime.
  • Manslaughter – This is the killing or death of another that is caused by another actions – such as killing someone in a drunken driving accident.
  • Vehicular Homicide – This is when someone operating a vehicle kills another due to reckless driving or another form of improper vehicle behavior.
  • Assisting Self-Murder – This is when someone deliberately assists another in taking his or her own life.
  • Killing an Unborn Child – The state of Florida does consider it murder if a viable fetus is injured or killed or the mother is injured and her fetus dies.

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