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Weapons charges are not just for state courts; they can also become federal crimes. A felony weapons charge is the illegal possession, distribution, and/or transportation of firearms. These cases often involve those with previous felony convictions for similar crimes; therefore, they are not allowed to carry or possess a firearm of any kind.

Types of Federal Weapons Charges

There are numerous federal weapons charges a person can face, but some of the more common seen in Florida include:

  • Unlawful Possession – This is when a felon is in possession of a firearm. Even if the weapon is inoperable or the felon is just in possession of ammunition, he or she could face this charge.
  • Firearms Trafficking –This involves smuggling or transporting guns or ammunition across state lines.
  • Violent Crimes with a Firearm – Any violent crime that involves the use of a firearm could result in this charge.
  • Fraud – Fraud refers to the illegal obtaining of weapons using illegal permits.

Federal weapons charges come with much harsher punishments and longer prison sentences. You could face decades in prison.

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