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If a person is arrested and is under the age of 18, then he or she will be charged with cases through the Juvenile Justice System. This is much different than the Criminal Justice System because the goal of these courts is to rehabilitate and help the juvenile lead a productive life in the future.

But, there are cases that can go to adult court, regardless if the individual is under 18 or not. While this is extremely rare, it can happen if the juvenile is a repeat offender or they have committed a crime too serious for Juvenile Justice System's capacities.

You Still Need a Criminal Attorney

There is a common misbelief that juvenile crimes do not face harsh punishments. However, the courts want juveniles to learn their lessons. And, the consequences of a criminal record can still affect a juvenile; therefore, you need a criminal attorney with experience in these types of cases.

Common Juvenile Crimes

There are a variety of crimes that juveniles could be charged with and while most are misdemeanors, they could still result in a serious felony and equally serious penalties. Some crimes that Farkas & Crowley have experience handling include:

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The prosecutors in juvenile cases have a lot of discretion for handling these types of cases. We have experience in a full range of misdemeanor and felony cases for juvenile offenders.

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